Ways to hook email readers

image-Ways to hook email readers

In this era of digital marketing, ‘’Email Marketing’’ has been a great source of communicating with clients, customers, and relevant people. But there is a common trend in the market, what becomes a trend, becomes a lame quality thing. And it is happening in case of email marketing as well. I can bet, maximum people don’t even open and read an email from companies just because they don’t find any interest.

The first thing to hook any reader is to put an interactive subject line that will create an interest in the reader to open the email. Keep it short but to the point. Provide enough information that will lead the reader to read further.

Don't send emails to the same people very frequently. Plan the time duration of sending emails because if any customer gets promotional email daily, I believe no one will open it and read! We need to be consistent in case of what you send and how often you send. Remember, the goal is to make the reader open the email as soon as they get your mail.

Keep the email interactive. Write the details in such a way that the readers feel like you are directly talking to them, not mass people.

In the end, what you write depend on whom you are writing. Be Professional, Smart and obviously make sure you maintain the minimum courtesy and don’t make any spelling mistake not even mistakenly.


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