Tips for a healthy Ramadan

image-Tips for a healthy Ramadan

The Holy month of Ramadan has started. Dehydration and Acidity are the two very obvious issues in Ramadan as the food intake is limited to before sunrise and after sunset. But a healthy diet and some tips can help us to have healthy fasting. 

Never Avoid Having Suhoor

As it says, a healthy day starts with a healthy breakfast. We need to have a healthy, less oily and less spicy suhoor and enough water to keep us energetic and hydrated all day long.

Have Enough Fruits

Fruits are the healthiest food as per doctors suggestions. So, having enough fruits is mandatory in Ramadan. The daily meal must have-

  1. ½ cup or 125 ml Fruits, Vegetables or Juice;


  1. 250 ml Salad


Avoid Sugar


Eat Slowly


During fasting, our body metabolism system faces some changes and when we intake foods, the whole metabolism system again changes. So before eating any food, take some liquid and then chew the food very well. It will improve the digestive system.


Have Soup in Iftar


Soup is very healthy food for our health. It meets the need of Vitamin, Minerals and water of our body. So try to keep soup in daily Iftar routine.


Have Enough Water to be Hydrated


Maintain a Diet Chart

If you have any sickness or pressure and sugar problem, consult a doctor and follow a prescribed diet as per your body and medicines.

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