Iftar back then

image-Iftar back then

With delicious platters and food delivery apps swaying currently, I can recall how my childhood Iftar times used to be. I was very young, probably in the 3rd or 4th grade from what I remember at that time. I would keep looking at the clock because my father would always home with an item from outside. Back then, homemade food was not ‘cool’ to me, outdoor food tasted better for some reason. My mother would prepare plates full of jilapi, alur chop, beguni, peyaju and chola, and have the plates of the tastiest mix distributed to some of our neighbors. A TV channel broadcasting an Islamic talk show would be open, and we would be seated on the dining table 10 minutes earlier.

The Iftar menu has changed over time, of course. More outdoor food is being consumed which does not excite me like it used to do back then. If we eat outside, we still don’t get that happy feeling as we used to a decade back. Even doing Iftar in the mosque was a very happy thing for me. Now, neither we distribute food to our neighbors (not because of greediness), neither the neighbors do. No, it does not mean that we have a bad relationship with our neighbors, but this is kind of the situation in most of the places. The changes have made us realize about some golden times we have been through.

But are the changes for the good, or the bad?  

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