How to get over someone

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It’s easy to fall in love, but it’s harder to get out of it. People say love is a sweet dream where one is bound to get hurt when he or she wakes up and unrequited love hurts the most. Well, that might not always be the case if you know how to handle it.


First of all, if you like someone then just try asking that person out. You will never know if it will work out or not if you don’t try. But then again there are situations where you can’t ask out or propose the person you like. Maybe that person is your closest friend and you don’t want to ruin your current friendship, or maybe that person is currently in a relationship with someone. Whatever the case is, you two can’t be together and that’s where this article comes in.


How to get over someone you are hopelessly in love with? You can’t just ‘unlove’ someone instantly as our heart won’t listen to the brain. So you have to rationalize with it with the following steps.


The first step to getting out of love is to admit that you are in love with her. We are often in denial of the fact that we like someone, so we constantly get irritated if we don’t get the attention or love from them in return. We also get jealous of them being close with others and it keeps hurting inside. So first admit that you have a crush on that person.


The second step is accepting the fact that you can’t be with that person given whatever the situation is. Being desperate about someone and chasing that one person your whole life is the worst way of wasting someone time and opportunities. You could be dating someone else who might be even better if you were not blinded by your unrequited love while waiting for that person to like you back. So since you two aren’t meant to be, it’s time to move on.


But how do you move on? Well, you have to identify your current relationship with that person. Is that person someone you will see very often? A close friend? Then that means you can’t just run away from that person thinking you will forget about it. Now is the time to get to the third step.


The third step is to remove the light of love that is blinding your vision. See, the person you love is the same as everyone else. That person is human, just like you and me and everyone else around us. So that person isn’t that special as you think he or she is. Love is an emotion that can blind our eyes as well as weaken our judgmental capacities. We see our crush as someone out of the world, but trust me, it's just your hormones acting up. So try to see the bigger picture. Instead of looking away from that person, look closely to what he or she does. That’s when you will realize that the person isn’t so special after all, the mirage of love will disappear and your heart will calm down.


Now that you are free from that binds of love you can act normal with that person again without feeling too uncomfortable. The fourth step is to deceive your heart. Yep, deceive it by telling yourself that you are over him or her. Whenever funny thoughts come into your mind, remind yourself of the reality and tell yourself that it’s over.


The last and final step of moving out of this pitfall is to find someone else in life. We all know people stop approaching other people when they have been unsuccessful in love. But don’t let a simple crush or two stop you from dating someone else. Be confident and be brave and go talk to that attractive person at the party. Who knows, maybe he or she is waiting for someone just like you. 

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