Fever Fever body's on fire

image-Fever Fever body's on fire

As the weather around us are changing, many of us are falling sick with cold and flu. When we catch flu, our body loses its ability to function properly, which results in weakness and dizziness. In addition, someone might also catch cold or loose motion. A perfect combination to ruin our health and hamper our daily life. But have you gave it a thought why most of the people fall sick when winter changes to spring or summer changes to fall? Here is why it happens and how to deal with it.

Reasons behind:

1. The bacteria’s can thrive and spread in the season more than other seasons. 

2. Warning sign of other diseases and infection

3. An increase of dust and other pollutant and lack of rain to suppress those

4. Sudden fluctuation of temperature

5. Change in physical activity (Hyperactivity)

How to deal with it:

1. Act fast when you get the early signs of flu.

2. Drink plenty of water to keep the body temperature as normal as possible.

3. Food tastes pretty blunt when we fall sick, but never skip a meal. Remember that food is necessary to provide essential vitamins and power to the body to fight with virus and bacteria. Break your meal in portions for easier consumption and digestion.

4. Never take medicines without talking to a doctor. Wrong medication can be fatal and worsen the physical condition.

5. Note down the symptoms and problems so that you can easily communicate with a doctor.

Remember that fever is the warning sign that may be indicating to some other physical problems. If you are falling sick frequently in a day or another, do visit a doctor as soon as possible. 

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