Boishakhi Plot Twists

image-Boishakhi Plot Twists

I am sure we have a lot of plans for tomorrow’s Pohela Boishakh.

Well, it’s going to be a very busy day for us. There are some things we need to be careful of that can ruin our “SHUBHO” day. So, let’s be careful.

1. Make sure to choose the hangout spot very carefully. Because you might end up meeting your second best friend that you denied to hang out with by giving excuses.

2. Planning on to go out to have Panta bhaat and Ilish? It’s better to have that at your own place cooked up by your mom cooked rather than having it outside in a restaurant that might not even serve the actual “ILISHA”. I mean, why waste money?

3. This is for the double timers. I mean it’s only natural to be one nowadays, so chill. Make sure that you know the location of your other boyfriends or girlfriends before going on a date with the rich one on Boishakh. I mean come on. Everybody wants it to be “POSH” with your so-called loved ones on such an occasion. Right?
Never mind that. Make sure you know the location or else if only you get face to face with the underdogs then you know the climax afterward.

4. Girls. Be independent, be the feminist enthusiast you are and glow. Just make sure to keep a “Pepper spray” with yourself. Why? You know it better than me. Go, Girl!

5. There’s a fifty-fifty chance that it’s going to be a very hot or a stormy day. So, I am sure you don’t mind taking an umbrella and some water with you while going out.

6. If you are going to sit home and sleep, you might as well consider binge watching some episodes from Game of Thrones. Yeah, season 8 is almost here!

Don’t Ruin it guys. “Shubho Noboborsho”

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