With the mission of making the youth individuals a part of the conversation to change lives, our nation, and the world, Torun is a 360-degree youth platform. Our youth, which accounts for more than 50% of the total population, have many stories to tell. Torun is the platform which will allow them to be the voice of the community through our programs.

Our team does not only contribute towards creating content and development programs for the youth, but they also aspire to reinvent their lives, if not the world, with the craziest thoughts.


Torun Buzz

Having good grades can help get the youth individuals to get a job, but to enhance their knowledge regarding both local and global trends, 1 Minute Buzz is always something they can look forward to, so they can be a part of major conversations.


Torun Skill Lab

Torun Skill Lab is the place where the experts will provide guidance so that the right set of skills and knowledge is given for the desired career.



For the entrepreneur-minded individuals who want to learn about innovative ideas around them, Startups will provide a mixture of business news, expert opinions, and renowned case studies.


My Stories

Hear from the change-makers who brought impossible dreams into reality. Knowing about their mistakes, tactics, and mindset will not only provide knowledge, but their story as a whole will inspire the youth community to make sure their dreams are turned into reality as well. 

Our Management Team


Sonia Bashir Kabir

Managing Director

Microsoft Bangladesh, Myanmar, Nepal, Bhutan and Laos